Buffalo Chicken

Chicken & our Texas Ranch, instead of red sauce.

Meat Lovers

Ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon & ground beef.



Philadelphia cheese steak tops this pie.

Pizza of the Year

Chicken, bacon, onions & garlic with Ranch dressing instead of red sauce.


Ham, pineapple, bacon & light onions.

Veggie Lovers

Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, red sweet peppers and black olives.


A blend of meat and vegetables - WOW!

We make an authentic pizza that has been praised by the critics for its crust....Crisp and dark brown on the outside with a thick, chewy center.  Each pie is made from fresh dough, hand-tossed and baked in ovens at temperatures you can't achieve at home!

Topping & Fillings



Lean Ground Beef

Virginia Baked ham

Margherita Pepperoni

Genoa Salami

Lightly Spiced Sausage

Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh Tomatoes

Red Onion

Green Peppers

Black Olives

Hot Peppers

Roasted Sweet peppers

Ricotta Cheese





White, Cheeseless and thin crust pizzas are available at your request.


We make our stromboli even more delicious by adding a generous amount of ricotta cheese.

Fillings are .75 each


Our fresh pizza dough folded and stuffed with a blend of mozzarella & provolone cheeses and our zesty tomato sauce.

Fillings are .75 each

Stuffed Pizza

Imagine your favorite pizza with two crusts....Doubly delicious!

Served as a 14 inch only.

Fillings are $2.00 each

Specialty Pizza






Most folks don't know that we will make a thin crust pizza for them. Just ask. And because we make our dough fresh and spin the pies by hand and use way too much cheese and don't use a conveyor oven, we have to cook the pies until they are dark brown; however you can get it lightly cooked if you like.